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    New Builds and Real Estate Agents

    Just finished up a meeting with a few new construction home builders in Tucson and surrounding area (Marana, Vail, Sahuarita, etc) and you’d be amazed at the misconception from buyers (and real estate agents) that comes with buying a brand-new home!

    Here are four misconceptions I’d like to clear up:

    If you are working with a real estate agent and you “cut them out” (work directly with the builder’s agent), you can apply that would-be commission money to the cost of your home.

    Why that’s false: Builders anticipate having to pay real estate agents, and that is money left on the table to go back to the builder- meanwhile you’ll pay the same price for the home that you’d be paying anyway.

    If you are working with an agent, but they don’t go with you to the new-build site (example: you’re looking around on the weekend at model homes and you happen to write a contract) you shouldn’t include your agent.

    Why that’s false: You still want your agent on your side. Also, your agent’s commission is coming from the builder- not out of your pocket- so why wouldn’t you want to help them out?

    Builders don’t want to work with agents, so you should hide the fact that you’re working with one.

    Why that’s false: Builders WANT to work with agents! They have inventory to sell, and agents are bringing buyers… We’re all after the same goal. We will work together.

    If you’re working with an agent but forget to mention it the first time you step foot in the door, you can’t bring it up later.

    Why that’s false: … partially. Loop your agent in and let them work on the details with the builder. Usually the builder is willing to accommodate within a reasonable amount of time. If you close on a house and bring it up three months later… that would be a different story.


    Information provided by Ashley Hicks. Questions? Feel free to reach out to, I’m happy to help!

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